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Our Beginnings

Freshpalmleaves.com is a full spectrum Palm distribution business, with our own processing facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Resulting from over 80 years of experienced in the produce industry.

The Pagano Family icons in the United States produce community, and whose name is enormous in the Watermelon trade and had it's presents in the Hunts-point market and in the Brooklyn Terminal Market, Since the 1940's and have been in the palm business since the 1960's. four generations later The Pagano's are now fully commited to the palm industry with Freshpalmleaves.com

Unmatched Quality

FreshPalmLeaves.com ships and imports palm from Mexico to the U.S.A. & Canada. We and our extended families and partners in Mexico are Committed to friendly, environmentally sustainable harvest, processing and shipping of this precious resource.

We offer fresh Palm strips for Churches as well as Palm Fronds and a wide variety of green Palm leaves for decoration & Celebration of Palm Sunday or any instance of event.

We build Palm Crosses for the Wholesale/Retail trade, Cemeteries and Institutional Fundraisers.

We are the Originator of the Pre-Made Palm loops M-3, M-4, M-5 and M-6 available for the Production of Palm Crosses.

We carry all Components such as Wooden Lath Sticks Pre-Cut For the Frame of the Crosses, Pre-Notch Color Bows, Plastic Lily Heads And Pre-Made Palm loops.
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