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Majesty Palm
Majesty Palm -  Our Majesty Palms are grown in various green houses and farms from Florida and Costa Rica. They make a good focal piece for an indoor Plant and great for Palm Sunday decoration. 3" - 4" ft. Majesty Palms are in an  10" inch. plastic pot cover. 4" - 5" ft. Majesty...
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Adonidia Palm - Christmas Palm
Common Name: Christmas Palm Tree Botanical Name: Adonidia Merrillii & Adonidia Dransfieldii Member of the Arecaceae (palm family). It is native to Philippines and Malaysia. There are two recognized species Manila Palm(Adonidia Merrillii and Adonidia Dransfieldii. Leaves are 3-4 ft long with fronds 1-2 inch wide in a pinnate arrangement. Some palms sold...
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